contains a high sun protection value (SPF 50) so that the skin is protected against harmful UV radiation during whole day.

Lamelat™serum face and neck

SKU: PH-001
  • Active Ingredients : 


    Biomimetic whitening peptide – an innovative, highly advanced, unique component with whitening properties, delivered into the skin via the liposomal structure. Whitening peptide easily penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin, providing a sustained release effect and thus resulting in improved efficiency.


    Exo-T – a unique polysaccharide obtained from the exotic ecosystem of French Polynesia. Rich in minerals and sugars – mostly rhamnose which plays an important role in the stimulation of fibroblasts for increased biological activity. Rhamnose combines with fibroblasts, resulting in a greater production of collagen and elastin. It leads to formation of the so-called skin supporting fibers, which are a kind of scaffolding for the skin. Skin elasticity is restored and its texture and appearance are greatly improved. The skin regenerates, it has a smoother, radiant appearance.